Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 21 - 28.02.2011 (Gruesomeness Alert!!)

Jemima's Photo - Nom nom nom... some tasty rabbits shot by the father-in-law to fill our freezer!

Randomy photo -  this is what happens with the freshly washed laundry when there is a cat in the house. 
Cat and freshly washed laundry

Day 20 - 27.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - Just a pretty sunset across the road from our place.

Randomy photo - Interesting tree in the neighbourhood. 
A tree

Day 19 - 26.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - Am under orders from the physio to sit up and no more lounging so purchased the most er... tasteful(?) and comfortable chair that I could find so I can sit up straight!

My New Chair
Randomy photo - there was a nasty snow storm outside. This was a sight to behold. 
Mmm, warmth!

Day Eighteen - 25.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - Pretty polyanthus to plant in the front of the house to cheer things up a bit :)

Pretty Polyanthus
Randomy photo - That icicle in front of my office window got a company :-)
icicles :-)

Day Seventeen - 24.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - Back in Downpatrick again today so took a photo of the Cathedral in the sunshine.  I love spring time!!

Downpatrick Cathedral
Randomy photo - a colleague suggested to get to his place to taste home brew instead going into a pub. This is one of his fishes. 

Day Sixteen - 23.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - I'm fed up with the sight of this!  It's the view as you come out of the Downe Hospital.  Nice and scenic but I'm a bit too familiar with it!

Downe Hospital Car Park

Randomy photo - A mountain winter, an icicle in front of my office window. 


Day Fifteen - 22.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - This is a lovely wee bird thingy that I salvaged  from my Grandfather's house.  Nice to get a wee memento to remember him by.

Birdy Pot
Randomy photo - my vice...
Mmmmm, chocolate...

Day Fourteen - 21.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - I nearly forgot to get one in today so I went with the lazy option of a photograph of my bump at 27 weeks pregnant.

Randomy photo - a kneeling chair. I have to combat sciatica... 
So far it works.
kneeling chair

Day Thirteen - 20.12.2011

Jemima's Photo - My watch exploded off my arm when I was out watching Hayseed Dixie last September.  I finally got around to fixing the strap and making it wearable again - hooray!

My watch tool and my fixed watch!
Randomy photo - a morning after snow storm, this is how the cars that are left outside look like.
Morning blues for car :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Twelve - 19.02.2011

Randomy photo -  sort of "after" image. The same tree after all night of the storm and heavy winds. 
same tree

Jemima's Photo - Our friend came down to visit and brought this great bottle of wine.  I say great bottle but I don't actually know what the wine's like because I've gone right off red wine this pregnancy but I like the label!

Day eleven - 18.02.2011

Randomy photo - Another, stronger storm. This is the tree after 2 hours of snowing.


Jemima's Photo - I've been knackered recently and noticed that my eyes look more tired than I've ever seen them.

My Eye

Day Ten - 17.02.2011

Randomy photo - Well, in the mountains is still winter. And snowing.


Jemima's Photo - My Uncle's over from New Zealand because my Grandfather was very ill and now has unfortunately died.  This is him and the lovely bottle of Scotch he brought us.

Lovely Scotch!

Day Nine - 16.02.2011

Randomy photo - the dog of my boyfriend :-)


Jemima's Photo - More food!  Hahaha, all I like to do these days is much.  This is the food of kings.  The food of fat kings that is.  Elvis's sort of chow!  Sausage roll inna bap with bit of butter and red sauce from the Cookie Jar.  Great!

Sausage roll inna bap

Day Eight - 15.02.2011

Randomy photo - finally managed to get a software for making panorama photos.
wall of my living room
Jemima's Photo - My guilty pleasure.  The Spa at the Slieve Donard Hotel.  When I have the energy this is where I go to chill out in the swimming pool.  It's lovely but I don't use it anywhere near enough to justify the expense hence the guilt.

The Spa

Day Seven - 14.02.2011

Randomy photo- a flower from a garden in Fontana. I live in a snow, while just few hours of driving there is a  early summer.
garden flower

Jemima's Photo - Awww... how sweet.  Lovely home made heart shaped shortbread that I made for my hubby for Valentine's day.

Yummy Shortbread - my first ever batch!

Day Six - 13.02.2011

Randomy photo - bowling under UV light :-)

shoes and socks

Jemima's Photo - Bloody superglue.  That's all I'm going to say.

Bloody superglue.  Bane of my life.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 5 - 12.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - Our dog Jim was home for a visit from my father-in-law's.  Here he is enjoying the lovely sun in our back garden with his favourite toy :)

Jim the Dog
Randomy photo - had a lovely hike today. 
Big Bear

Day 4 - 11.02.2011

Jemima's Photo - I've been trying my hand at origami and this is one of my latest creations, a little heart for Valentine's Day made out of the front of a magazine.

Origami Heart
Randomy photo - on the Valentine subject, I'm thinking to go with the beer for my b-friend. After all, he likes it more than chocolate. :-)
favourite beer of my b-friend

Day 3 - 10th February 2011

Jemima's Photo - One of the nicest days we've had this year!  Roll on Spring and lovely sunny days (bit hopeful for Northern Ireland?).

A Lovely Day in Sunny Newcastle
Randomy photo - bunch of flowers in my living room

Day 2 - 9th February 2011

Jemima's Photo - a gorgeous scarf that my sister brought home for me from Madrid.

Lovely Spanish Scarf
Randomy photo- cooking moment. Me dinner :-)

Day One! 8th February 2010

Jemima's Photo  - I thought I'd start with a happy picture!  Spuds, a sausage, a pickle and two overly cooked bits of parsnip make a happy dinner face (not much of a dinner mind you!)

Happy Dinner Face!

Randomy photo - Clever birds. I was grocery shopping during very windy weather. Seems like that huge American cars do give some kind of benefit to the environment. 

wind shelter