Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 111 - 29.05.2011

Randomy photo - A storm rolling in. Wind is really strong...

Day 110 - 28.05.2011

Randomy photo -- a wee dog of our neighbour, Ticka. 

Day 109 - 27.05.2011

Randomy photo -- pain killers finally kicked in and I returned sort of to normal. This evening J changed the oil in his car. And found a puzzle. A dog food inside a air filter of his truck. His best guess is that some mice made this their storage area. 

Day 108 - 26.05.2011

Randomy -  finally got scared enough with the intensity of the pain to go to the doctor. Luckily it was just soft tissue injury. Damn painful, though. 

Day 107 - 25.05.2011

Randomy -- visit to chiropractor did not helped. Pain got worse. 

Day 106 -24.05.2011

Randomy - pain intensified. I tried to go to a chiropractor to make it go away. 

Day 105 - 23.05.2011

Randomy -- today pain in the neck appeared, plus my complete anxiety make me forget the photo again. 

Day 104 -22.05.2011

Randomy --  well, I had a traffic accident on this day and forgot to take a photo. 

Day 103 - 21.05.2011

Randomy photo -- J. packing to go for a short trip, and Cory insist to came along. :-)

Jemima's Photo - Still in the hospital with my wee man

Day 102 - 20.05.2011

Randomy photo -- some algae growing at the stones surrounding the observatory causeway. 

Jemima's Photo - I did warn you!  Here's another pic of my wee dude

The Dude!

Day 101 - Actually THIS is the best day of the year! 19.05.2011

Randomy photo -- I became an Aunty Randomy :-) The photo of the cutest wee human pinned at the wall of my office :-)

Jemima's Photo - never mind Randomy becoming an Aunty!  I became a mum!!  Here's another photo of the coolest dude ever :-D (there's gonna be a theme to my pictures for the next few months...)  Here is William a few hours old and already hiding from the paps!

Day 100 - 18.05.2011

Randomy photo -- A ground squirrel on the table in front of the offices, working on its tan. It is necessary, after all, there is a Hollywood just down the hill ;-)

Jemima's Photo - I spent today up at the hospital organising myself for my planned c-section tomorrow and on the way home I got the baby it's first toy :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 99 - 17.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - I know I've done this a couple of times already but I do love the little flowers I've planted up and put in the porch.  Daisy type flowers are my favourite flowers, they just cheer me right up so here's another picture from the porch :)

Jemima's 2nd photo!  I didn't think I'd get out of the house today so I took the above photo earlier in the day.  I got down to the harbour with me Da though and took this photo too :)

Newcastle Harbour

Randomy photo -- my new place of the residence with Lytle on the porch sniffing for the bunny who is hiding below. :-)

Day 98 - 16.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - Today was another trip to the hospital.  I've been booked in for a c-section and the big day is getting closer!  I came home and got to work on the new necklaces I wanted to make for the baby to play with and this was the first one I got done.

Baby proof necklace!
Randomy photo -- A cat with the too heavy head. :-)

Day 97 - The best day of the year! 15.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - YAY!!  It's my birthday today.  Obviously it is the BEST DAY EVER!  Today involved a lovely lie-in, a home made birthday cake courtesy of my mum, a delicious dinner cooked for me by my husband and lots of lovely pressies.  And what makes it even better is that the baby decided to hold on  for another little while so my birthday is still my birthday and I don't have to share it!  Hehehe... nothing like a bit of altruism, eh?

Lots of lovely birthday cards from lots of lovely peoples :)
Randomy photo -- during my daily walking of Lytle, we bumped into a herd of a wild donkeys. Those ones are offsprings of the donkeys miners in the area released around century ago after the gold fever passed here. Those animals are real menace here, making loads of damage to the property and the local wild life. In part they are reason why the area here does not have as much of deers as it did once. But they are protected with the law ( J calls it bunny-hugger law) so deers are very rare in the area and people often end up with the damage on the property. You can see them here in the meadow one of the neighbour have as a place for his horses....

Day 96 - 14.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - My friends came down to Newcastle to help celebrate my birthday (even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow!).  Here are H & A in Central Park.  K was with us too and my sister and her boyfriend had been and gone but I managed not to get a photo of the lot of us together!

A & H looking much more normal than usual! :P
Randomy photo -- my old place, all cleaned up for the take over by landlord. The last day was today and passed successfully. No problems what so ever. Good :-)

Day 95 - 13.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - RAWR!!!  Damn Collared Doves just won't bugger off!  Here is one sneaking around where our sweet peas have been planted.  Look at it looking all shifty.  It knows I don't like it!

Damn Collared Dove!
Randomy photo -- a water level in the main telescope dome. It is made to leak in, because the building costs would me way higher if they made the dome to keep the water out. But there is a certain level of water predicted to appear, and now, the water is at that level. Any more, and it will start damaging the walls since they are protected to the current level only. 

Day 94 - 12.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - Yet another May birthday and yet another one I didn't get out for!  So Happy Birthday Flip!  Here's a picture of my lemon balm flowering just for you!  Actually I've never seen the lemon balm flowering before so I was quite excited to find these flowers :)

Flowering Lemon Balm
Randomy photo -- A head one gets when pouring skill is not really great. This is a pint of J's home brew that needs to be poured from the keg. I barely know how to pour the beer out of the bottle. 

Day 93 - 11.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - Today was my big bro's birthday but he lives in Belfast so I wasn't able to get to see him so Happy Birthday D!  I did however spot this baby wagtail in our back yard waiting for it's mama to come back with some food for it.

Baby Pied Wagtail
Randomy photo -- The lake level increased so much that the path to the telescope need to be rebuild. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 92 - 10.05.2011

Randomy photo - a nasty morning surprise. A snow. Bummer. (the tracks are from Lytle)

Jemima's Photo - Thank goodness all signs of snow here have long gone!  Got out for a cuppa with H and sat chatting in the sun on the promenade where we ran into my bro-in-law who was out with the dogs.

H & M on the prom with Jim & Becky

Day 91 - 09.05.2011

Randomy photo - A new flower I saw on the after lunch walk!

Jemima's Photo - Boohoo!  Another fruitless trip to the hospital.  I was supposed to see my consultant but he wasn't here again today damnit.  That's what I get for having the big boss as the man who's in charge of my care.  This is the most hateful thing about going up to the hospital - the damn queue to get into the carpark!

Massive carpark queue

Day 90 - 08.05.2011

Randomy photo - Aye, I spent sunday too cleaning. And poisoning myself with the chemicals for oven cleaning. That stuff is vile! 

Jemima's Photo - I've been growing my hair and can finally put it all up and out of the way!  Hooray, I love being able to get it all out of my face :-D

Wonky plait

Day 89 - 07.05.2011

Randomy photo - I forgot to take one because I was cleaning my old place to get it ready for the keys hand over. 

Jemima's Photo - Took a wee trip to Belfast with me Da today, met my sister and her boyfriend and visited the dome at the top of Victoria Square.  Funnily enought the last time I was up here I was with Randomy many many moons ago!  Mind you, it's still too high up and too bloody wobbly for my liking!

Top of the world maw!

Day 88 - 06.05.2011

Randomy photo - A furniture J's mum donated. All packed and ready for transport to the Big Bear. (That was really loooong drive)

Jemima's Photo - Yet another day out in Newcastle and I noticed this Easter display in a local off-licence.  You will notice that it's a couple of weeks since Easter but apparently this off-licence is a purveyor of "Quality Wines & Beers" yet it's dressing its window with West Coast Cooler.  Classy.

Classy Quinns!

Day 87 - 05.05.2011

Randomy photo - A view of Sacramento from J's mum porch. 

Jemima's Photo - I went into town with my mate Laura today and got some new beads that I will hopefully be able to turn into some lovely baby-proof necklaces.  Long for baby to play with but also strong and resistant to messiness and grabbing hands!

New Beads

Day 86 - 04.05.2011

Randomy photo - one of very nice conference banquets. We went to the some restaurant to which one has to take ski lift to get there. Quite adventure. :-)

Jemima's Photo - PUBLIC ENEMIES!  I actually do hate this pair of collared doves.  They sit above my window and coo at 5am and they're bloody loud!  Check them out on the RSPB website where you can hear just how annoying they are!  Some day I'll get them and they'll make a tasty snack...  ahem... or maybe not, because they are of course a protected species and I would never eat them.  Never...

Collared Doves

Day 85 - 03.05.2011

Randomy photo - me and the SDO mascot, Camilla. I feel like a true space pirate .

Jemima's Photo - Yet another rhubarb related photo!  When I was done with making the cordial I was left with a load of rhubarb goo that I was loathe to throw out so I got a bit creative and went round to my folks place to use their oven and turned it into rhubarb & oat muffins.  Quite delicious!

Day 84 - 02.05.2011

Randomy photo - At the conference. Here is how the lecture room looks like early in the morning. :-)

Jemima's Photo - Finally got around to doing something with the rhubarb.  Since our oven is out of oil at the minute I had to be inventive and made cordial.  It's delish!

Rhubarb Cordial - yummy!

Day 83 - 01.05.2011

Randomy photo - On my way to a conference I passed some of the lovely sites in California. This is a photo of the Mammoth lake. Lovely place, indeed. 

Jemima's Photo - Hooray!  First batch of rhubarb from the garden.  Yum yum yum!!

Loverly rhubarb!

Day 82 - 30.04.2011

Randomy photo - Seems that the spring is finally here. YAY!

Jemima's Photo - Still feeling a bit rubbish from hospital visits so back to the porch for a pic of one of the lovely new flowers I bought to cheer the place up

Santavitalia Procumbens

Day 81 - 29.04.2011

Randomy photo - look at the lake. Water level is really high, that protruding grass in middle of the water was the last year shore. 

Jemima's Photo - today was another "Blah" day :(  Didn't get home from yesterday's second visit to the hospital until about 1:30am so I spent today doing very little.  I couldn't be bothered with much so took this photo of my recovering money tree.  Poor aul thing had been in a very cold porch over the winter and then in a hot window so it's not been looking the best but it's now recovering and is turning green again - hurrah!

Money tree