Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 156 - 13.07.2011

Randomy photo - Lytle on a hike

Day 155 - 12.07.2011

Randomy photo - Lytle trying to get into canoe with J.

Day 154 - 11.07.2011

Randomy photo - A plant I saw on a hike that looks like one from my native country.

Day 153 - 10.07.2011

Randomy photo - A curtain before local theatre show. I have to say it was rather disappointing show because they tried to copy a film on a stage. Definitely a wrong approach and sad case of lack of creativity. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 150 - 7.07.2011

Randomy photo - Hot tub, ready for soaking. :-)

Day 149 - 6.07.2011

Randomy photo - One of funny positions for a cat sleep.

Day 148 - 5.07.2011

Randomy photo - A tree that was knocked out with the wind and rain.

Day 147 - 4.07.2011

Randomy photo - A forest at 22:00. We were driving back from the ski slopes where we watched the fireworks at the lake below us.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 146 - 3.07.2011

Randomy - I call this purple camomile, I found this flower during one of the walks with Lytle.

Day 145 - 2.07.2011

Randomy - no photo

Day 144 - 1.07.2011

Randomy no photo

Day 143 - 30.06.2011

Randomy no photo

Day 142 - 29.06.2011

Randomy no photo

Day 141 - 28.06.2011

Randomy - no photo

Day 140 - 27.06.2011

Randomy - no photo

Day 139 - 26.06.2011

Randomy photo -  all done. See J is really fast. The bar stools in front are dog block 2000. ;-)

Day 138 - 25.06.2011

Randomy photo -  easy part done. J does work fast....

Day 137 - 24.06.2011

Randomy photo -  tiles and tiles support material for the new flooring...

Day 136 - 23.06.2011

Randomy photo - A pipe leaked and the kitchen floor got damaged. Here is the photo of the bottom layer after the old flooring was removed. A fan is there to dry out the area. 

Day 135 - 22.06.2011

Randomy - no photo

Day 134 - 21.06.2011

Randomy - no photo

Day 133 - 20.06.2011

Randomy - no photo

Day 132 - 19.06.2011

Randomy photo - improvised air-conditioning. Nights at the mountain are really cold, and days started to be really hot. so during the night J cools down the whole house to 10 C or something just by opening the windows and sucking the hot air from the house. This makes house nice and cold during the most of the day. By the evening house worms up to the ambient temperature...

Day 131 - 18.06.2011

Randomy photo - A funny clothing I got for Fizzy son. 

Day 130 - 17.06.2011

Randomy I did not take photos

Day 129 - 16.06.2011

Randomy photo - A parking lot in front of the conference centre. A several rows of parking places were reserved for the fuel efficient cars. Someone parked a huge fuel - inefficient pickup on one of those spots. 

Day 128 - 15.06.2011

Randomy - I did not took photo

Day - 127 -14.06.2011

Randomy -  I did not take photo.

Day 125 - 12.06.2011

Randomy photo - Decoration on the hotel wall at the conference site. 

Day 126 - 13.06.2011

Randomy photo - I did not took photo

Day 124 - 11.06.2011

Randomy photo - Fill up photo. 

Day 123 - 10.06.2011

Randomy photo - Fill up photo. 

Day 122 09.06.2011

Randomy photo - Fill up photo, some tiny flowers...

Day 121 - 08.06.2011

Randomy photo- This day my car had to be transported from the towing company yard to our place. This is how the damage from the accident looks like. Surprisingly bumper returned into normal shape. The damage on the car looks not too much, car was drivable, but to repair it, it would cost more than the value of the car so it is declared totalled. 

Day 120 07.06.2011

Randomy photo - Fill up photo - another site from the Big Bear Hikes. 

Day 119 06.06.2011

Randomy photo - Fill up photo -  some tiny flowers from the botanic area near the Big Bear City. 

Day 118 - 05.06.2011

Randomy photo - I was cooking a meal and managed to explode pot. Yey me. 

Day 117 -04.06.2011

Randomy photo - Me with the a neck brace I got because the nerves that go to my hands started to be pressed by the something in my neck. 

Day 116 - 03.06.2011

Randomy photo - Fill up photo -  a tiny flowers on one of the bushes. 

Day 115 - 02.06.2011

Randomy photo - Another fill up photo. close up of the old fire site. 

Day 114 - 01.06.2011

Randomy photo - A fill up photo  from the trail that passes near the site of the old fire. Fire was 5-6 years ago and this is how much actually grew back.

Day 113 - 31.05.2011

Randomy photo - Because of the accident I have loads of skipped days. So I will fill those with the pictures of the flowers and plants. Here is a photo of the one of the Big Bear hiking tracks. 

Day 112 -30.05.2011

Randomy photo - Believe or not, there was a snow last night....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 111 - 29.05.2011

Randomy photo - A storm rolling in. Wind is really strong...

Day 110 - 28.05.2011

Randomy photo -- a wee dog of our neighbour, Ticka. 

Day 109 - 27.05.2011

Randomy photo -- pain killers finally kicked in and I returned sort of to normal. This evening J changed the oil in his car. And found a puzzle. A dog food inside a air filter of his truck. His best guess is that some mice made this their storage area. 

Day 108 - 26.05.2011

Randomy -  finally got scared enough with the intensity of the pain to go to the doctor. Luckily it was just soft tissue injury. Damn painful, though. 

Day 107 - 25.05.2011

Randomy -- visit to chiropractor did not helped. Pain got worse. 

Day 106 -24.05.2011

Randomy - pain intensified. I tried to go to a chiropractor to make it go away. 

Day 105 - 23.05.2011

Randomy -- today pain in the neck appeared, plus my complete anxiety make me forget the photo again. 

Day 104 -22.05.2011

Randomy --  well, I had a traffic accident on this day and forgot to take a photo. 

Day 103 - 21.05.2011

Randomy photo -- J. packing to go for a short trip, and Cory insist to came along. :-)

Jemima's Photo - Still in the hospital with my wee man

Day 102 - 20.05.2011

Randomy photo -- some algae growing at the stones surrounding the observatory causeway. 

Jemima's Photo - I did warn you!  Here's another pic of my wee dude

The Dude!

Day 101 - Actually THIS is the best day of the year! 19.05.2011

Randomy photo -- I became an Aunty Randomy :-) The photo of the cutest wee human pinned at the wall of my office :-)

Jemima's Photo - never mind Randomy becoming an Aunty!  I became a mum!!  Here's another photo of the coolest dude ever :-D (there's gonna be a theme to my pictures for the next few months...)  Here is William a few hours old and already hiding from the paps!

Day 100 - 18.05.2011

Randomy photo -- A ground squirrel on the table in front of the offices, working on its tan. It is necessary, after all, there is a Hollywood just down the hill ;-)

Jemima's Photo - I spent today up at the hospital organising myself for my planned c-section tomorrow and on the way home I got the baby it's first toy :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 99 - 17.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - I know I've done this a couple of times already but I do love the little flowers I've planted up and put in the porch.  Daisy type flowers are my favourite flowers, they just cheer me right up so here's another picture from the porch :)

Jemima's 2nd photo!  I didn't think I'd get out of the house today so I took the above photo earlier in the day.  I got down to the harbour with me Da though and took this photo too :)

Newcastle Harbour

Randomy photo -- my new place of the residence with Lytle on the porch sniffing for the bunny who is hiding below. :-)

Day 98 - 16.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - Today was another trip to the hospital.  I've been booked in for a c-section and the big day is getting closer!  I came home and got to work on the new necklaces I wanted to make for the baby to play with and this was the first one I got done.

Baby proof necklace!
Randomy photo -- A cat with the too heavy head. :-)

Day 97 - The best day of the year! 15.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - YAY!!  It's my birthday today.  Obviously it is the BEST DAY EVER!  Today involved a lovely lie-in, a home made birthday cake courtesy of my mum, a delicious dinner cooked for me by my husband and lots of lovely pressies.  And what makes it even better is that the baby decided to hold on  for another little while so my birthday is still my birthday and I don't have to share it!  Hehehe... nothing like a bit of altruism, eh?

Lots of lovely birthday cards from lots of lovely peoples :)
Randomy photo -- during my daily walking of Lytle, we bumped into a herd of a wild donkeys. Those ones are offsprings of the donkeys miners in the area released around century ago after the gold fever passed here. Those animals are real menace here, making loads of damage to the property and the local wild life. In part they are reason why the area here does not have as much of deers as it did once. But they are protected with the law ( J calls it bunny-hugger law) so deers are very rare in the area and people often end up with the damage on the property. You can see them here in the meadow one of the neighbour have as a place for his horses....