Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 73 - 21.04.2011

Randomy photo - I was planing to go downhill on this day and track a bud of the rose variety called Isobel. Unfortunately I will not be able to do so. Instead I'm putting this image in remembrance of wonderful little girl, Isobel. 

Jemima's Photo - Our garden has been a delight this year.  The tulips have lasted for ages because the weather has been so nice and they really cheer me up :)

Beautiful Tulips

Day 72 - 20.04.2011

Randomy photo - Believe or not, this is a stream. Of course, when the speedy spring in this desert passes into early summer this is what happens with it...
a truly wee stream...

 Jemima's Photo - Today was a pretty shit day for me.  A year ago today I started early labour with my little girl who didn't survive.  Although her birthday isn't until the 22nd and it was the 21st that I discovered that something was wrong today was the worst of these days for me so my Da took me out to cheer me up.  Thanks Da!

Da at pub with pint!

Day 71 - 19.04.2011

Randomy photo - A tunnel below the local highway. Made so that hikers do not need to dodge speeding cars. 

tunnel on the hiking path
Jemima's Photo - A heron I spotted while out for a walk with my mates in Dundrum

Heron in Dundrum

Day 70 - 18.04.2011

Randomy photo - wild flowers in high desert style. 

lone flower
Jemima's Photo - GAME OF THRONES!!  Sorry - got a bit excited there but I have been waiting for this series to come out for ages.  Some of it was filmed up near where I live and a lot of it was filmed in Northern Ireland so it's great to watch and see where I recognise :)  This photo is a composite of photos - the big photo I took in Tollymore Forest Park last year in about September.  The snow is far from real as me and my friend stumbled across part of the filming set.  The little photo that is inset was taken from the tv about 5mins into the show!  Bit recognisable, eh?? :-D

Day 69 - 17.04.2011

Randomy photo - I'm preparing to move. This is one of the vacuum packing bags full of my stuff.

vacuum bag

Jemima's Photo - Our beautiful cauliflower centrepiece!  We thought it was just too pretty to eat ;)

Beautiful Cauliflower in a vase - well it is a type of flower!

Day 68 - 16.04.2011

Randomy photo - One of the home decoration in J place. 

A home decoration.

Jemima's Photo - Mmmm.... not quite Easter yet but then I've never been known for my restraint where chocolate is concerned!  Although in saying that it was my lovely husband who brought this home for me but I was the one that opened it and munched the lot!

Yummy Egg!

Day 67 - 15.04.2011

Randomy photo - One can still find some snow in Big Bear....

Stubborn snow

Jemima's Photo - I saw this class looking starling in the back garden.  Sometimes when you see what looks like a black bird you realise that it's not black at all!

Starling in the Garden

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 66 - 14.05.2011

Jemima's Photo - I've had mega cravings for milkshake recently, think I must be a bit deficient in calcium or something similar but if it means I get to drink loads of milkshake I don't mind too much.  Yum yum yum - chocolate milkshake is definitely the best :)

Lovely chocolate milkshake
Randomy photo - a strange creation from the local ground squirrels. During the winter they dig their tunnels just below the snow, so when the snow melts you can see some "modern art" stuff. I call this: " The squirrels move in the mysterious ways :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 65 - 13.04.2011

  Randomy photo - a curious peace of the drift wood one of the working colleagues found at the causeway.
A wood
Jemima's Photo - I bought some material to replace the blinds in the kitchen with.  Here's the first one done and hung.  I'm quite pleased with myself I have to say!

New Kitchen Blind

Day 64 - 12.04.2011

Randomy photo - A wee mouse who crawled in the lecture room. It is a wild one from the local forest, and it ate some rat poison my boss insisted to be put around the observatory. Poor we thing was dying... Sad. 
wild mouse

Jemima's Photo - Yum yum yum - we got some pigeon from the parents-in-law and my wee bro came round and turned it into pastilla for us.  It's a bizarre combination of pigeon, egg, almonds, icing sugar and cinnamon wrapped in pastry.  Bizarre but bloody tasty!

Pastilla - yum yum!

Day 63 - 11.04.2011

Randomy photo - A wild coyote just behind observatory. It was kind enough to pose for photo. 

Jemima's Photo - Nearly 34 weeks pregnant and my feet seem to have disappeared!

Where'd the feet go?  I dunno!

Day 62- 10.04.2011

Randomy photo- my new hiking shoes. I went there with my sweetheart and spent two hours picking the shoes. Believe or not on his insistence, since he is adamant that happy feet are essential for hiking. 
hiking boots

Jemima's Photo - My new bedroom drawers and lamp and duck!  Goddamn flatpack took me n' my mate hours to put together but definitely worth it :-D

Unflatpack Solutions!

Day 61 - 09.04.2011

Randomy photo - Another Korean motif. These are dancers of the traditional Korean dance performed at the Redlands multicultural festival. 

Korean traditional dance
Jemima's Photo - I was in Ikea buying some bits and peices to put in my bedroom (can you tell I've had a bit of a one track mind recently?) and found possibly the best soft toy ever.  A crocodile eating a lizard - so very cool and despite the fact that the crocodile's wearing quite a snazzy t-shirt a bit more realistic than the Disney idea of animals that all love each other.

Best toy ever!

Day 60 - 08.04.2011

Randomy photo - And another lovely spring day in the mountains!
Lovely Spring Day!
Jemima's Photo - I had the "brilliant" idea of spraypainting an old storage box I had to make it nice enough to go in my bedroom.  Unfortunately it was not well thought through and no-one (damn paint shop!) impressed on me the need to use a primer.

Dribbly paint :(

Day 59 - 07.04.2011

Randomy photo - a box of Korean cookies our co-worker brought. They are not only colourful, but tasty too. 

Jemima's Photo - Had a freak out that I was going in to early labour today so I thought it might be time to get my bags packed for going into hospital.  I may have gone slightly overboard with my bag, baby's bag and lots of bags of spare things just in case...

Too many bags?

Day 58 - 06.04.2011

Randomy photo - Some cute wild flowers I found on my daily after-lunch walks. 
wild flowers

Jemima's Photo - Just noticed how pretty our garden gets in the spring time :)

Pretty Garden

Day 57 - 05.04.2011

Randomy photo - In case of the forest fire, an easy way to commit an suicide!
Fire help in the forest...

Jemima's Photo - I've done no buying for this baby because I still have mostly everything from last time.  Also I reckon there's plenty of time (and plenty of people around to help) to get sorted once the baby's born.  Anyway these were on special offer in Tesco so I gave in and finally bought something...

Most useful things ever!

Day 56 - 04.04.2011

Randomy photo - seems like that the spring finally came to the mountain. 

A tree in front of my trailer :-)

Jemima's Photo - Yay!  My bedroom is no longer pink!  (well... except for the radiator because I haven't got around to buying proper radiator paint yet...)  I've finally started to get my bits and pieces back into place and it's great :)

Lovely bedroom!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 55 - 03.04.2011

Randomy photo -A cat pedicure. The noises cat was making were heart breaking, although he ended up with nicely trimmed claws. :-)
Cat pedicure.

Jemima's Photo - It was Mother's Day here today but I completely forgot to take a photo of my mum or the presents I got her!  How remiss of me!!  Anyway here's some pretty apple blossom instead :-D

Apple Blossom

Day 54 - 02.04.2011

Randomy photo - A way to clean up the kitchen! More effective than any automated vacuum cleaner. 
A new and improved kitchen cleaner!

Jemima's Photo - Arg!!! Yet another dreadful tooth day so here's yet another photoshopped effort.  Some kohl rabi from our garden from last year.  Andrew can't wait til this year's batch is ready!

Kohl Rabi

Day 53 - 01.04.2011

Randomy photo - I sent warning about the dangerous chemical close to my working place. Notorious Dihydrogen monoxide. Here where you can find it:
large quantities of Dihydrogen monoxide!

Jemima's Photo - My tooth was still especially bad today so I've knicked a photo from my husband's blog  for today's photo.  A Great Grey Shrike was spotted at Slievenacloy Nature Reserve.  This is a majorly rare bird to be seen in Northern Ireland - the last sighting was in 1983 - so all the twitchers were out in force!  Many thanks to Geoff Campbell for this photo.  You can check out more of Geoff's great pictures at his blog .

Great Grey Shrike

Day 52 - 31.03.2011

Randomy photo - an interesting rock I saw during my after-lunch walks.

Jemima's Photo - This is the day my final remaining wisdom tooth went manky.  I felt too miserable for the next few days to remember to take any actual photos.  Rather than subject you to the quite gruesome pictures of my infected tooth I photoshopped up some old photos I'd taken so you could look at something a bit pretty!

Bunch of flowers